What Is Kegworth’s Favourite Sport?

By Mace and Sivo from the Press Gang

We interviewed the humans of Kegworth and asked them what sport they prefer the most. Here’s what they told us: 

Isaiah (Year 1) likes Basketball. “I like basketball because it is entertaining and you can score and shoot goals,” he said. 

Riley (Year 5) likes cricket. “I like Cricket because it is fun and entertaining,” she said.

Lewis (Year 1) likes soccer. “I like soccer because it’s an inspiration for me to be sporty and it is fun,” he said. 

Finn (Year 5) likes soccer, “I like soccer because everyone can play!” he said. 

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Juliet (Year 6) likes skiing. “I like skiing because I love the sights you see from the mountains,” she told us. 

Yam (Year 5) likes soccer. “I like soccer because it is very team focused,” he said. 

Tyson (Kindy) likes soccer. “You can tackle and get the ball off them,” he told us. 

Toby (Year 5) likes snowboarding. “I like snowboarding because it’s an exceptionally fun sport,” he said. 

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Lucas (Year 2) likes Rugby. “I like rugby because I love scoring tries,” he said. 

William likes soccer. “I like soccer because you can score goals,” he told us. 

Charlie (Year 5) likes rugby. “I like rugby because it’s fun and a good way to make new friends,” he said. 

Minka (Year 5) likes skateboarding. “I like skateboarding because you learn something new,” she said. 

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Inara (Year 6) likes swimming, contemporary dance and netball. “They’re all fun,” she told us. 

Ms Wilson (Teacher) likes swimming. “I used to swim in competitions,” she said. 

Billy likes scooting. “It’s fun,” he said 

Ethan (Year 6) likes tennis. “I like tennis because you make new friends, you have fun and it gives me a challenge,” he said. 

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Ms vaccaro (Teacher) likes netball. “I love working in a team and my favourite position is wing attack. I like dancing too,” she said. 

Kim (From the canteen) likes netball. “It is fast and I like the rules,” she said. 

We can now reveal that Soccer and rugby/league are Kegworth’s most popular sports with 3 votes each! Netball came third with three votes, followed by Swimming with two and Snowboarding, basketball, dancing, scootering, skateboarding and dancing with one vote each! 

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