Opinion: Chip theft is a crime against children

By Cerys from Year 3

On Monday we had dinner at the pub. My mum ordered a healthy Poke bowl (with tofu – gross) and I ordered chicken nuggets and chips. Delish. When the food came, my mum reached across the table and stole a chip from my plate.

It’s not the first time that my mum has stolen my chips. But I’ve had enough of this shocking behaviour.

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Chip stealing is a crime and children shouldn’t have to put up with it! Here’s why.

1. Stealing chips can spread germs from one person to another

2. Would you like it if you were saving the best chip until last and a hand swoops in and grabs it off you?

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3. It is your meal and someone else is eating food off your plate. Not fair! Eat your own meal!

4. It takes forever for the chips to come so you’re really hungry, finally the chips come and someone grabs some off you.

5. It is bad manners at the table!

Photo by Maiqui Cordeiro on Unsplash

So next time your parents try to steal your chips, fight back with words! Chip theft is a crime against children and we’re not going to out up with it anymore!

The Kegworth Times have approached Cerys’ mum for comment.

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