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Humans Of Kegworth: Ali, President Of The Music Committee


How long have you been a human of Kegworth?

Almost five years as a parent, and another couple before that as an avid F.A.R.E. attendee. Also, for the last couple of years I’ve worked about a day a week in the front office. I also work n the ethics program.

What is the best thing about being a Kegworth parent?

Kegworth really is a community – the other parents, the staff, and the kids are all so friendly and involved in making Kegworth a great place.

The music committee

What exactly does the music president do?

It’s really just one role in a team. The music committee administer the band and strings groups, so this means organising students, instruments, tutors and conductors. With this comes organising fundraising events such as the Halloween disco and the trivia night, and performances such as the mother’s and father’s day breakfasts, music night, and other external performance opportunities.

Volunteering is hard work – why do you do it?

Lots of small reasons – I like to be able to help, it’s social, I learn new skills, it gets me more more involved in things that are important to me, and it’s good for my kids to see me doing it.

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