World Teachers Day: “Thank You For Helping Us Learn”

By Inara and Vienna from The Press Gang

Teachers are friends but they will go bonkers with you… sometimes!

Photo by Leonardo Toshiro Okubo on Unsplash

Reporters from the Press Gang asked Kegworth Kids from the senior playground to see what they have to say about their teachers. Here are their responses: 

“My teacher does fun activities.”

“My teacher is strict so that people aren’t too naughty!”

“He’s funny and helps me.”

“My teacher is very nice and funny.”

Photo by twinsfisch on Unsplash

“My teacher does fun stuff!”

“My teacher is kind and fun.”

“I like how my teacher plays brain breaks with us.”

“I like how my teacher pretends to hate us but doesn’t really!”

“My teacher is a bit crazy, as in funny crazy, and she is nice.”

To all the teachers at Kegworth Public School, THANK YOU for being nice to us, helping us learn new things and being there for us when we need you. 

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