Kegworth Kids Busk For Trees

Kegworth Kids, Skye and Isla, have been entertaining the Leichhardt community today by busking up a storm outside the legendary Shorties Garage Sale.

The Year 4 sisters formed an unstoppable duet, performing songs on recorder, violin and clarinet!

The awesome busking set  wasn’t just a delight for shoppers on Norton St. The girls have pledged 50 per cent of their takings to Trillion Trees, a not-for-profit that plants seedlings and raises awareness of the importance of tress.

“It was really hard and afterwards I felt sore, but I’m really proud of myself,” Isla told the Kegworth Times.

“I’m surprised we earned so much money,” added Skye.


But anyone who knows Skye and Isla will attest to their musical talent. “They are in every single music group!” says Grace from Year 4.

Thanks to Skye and Isla 20 native tress will be planted!

The sisters weren’t the only Kegworth Kids raising money for a good cause this weekend. Scarlet from Year 3 played the cello and donated her busking takings to the Red Cross and WWF Australia.

“I was kind of nervous at first but once I got into it I thought, ‘I could do this all day!'”

Congratulations to all the Kegworth Kids that took part!

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