Pets of Kegworth

Pets Of Kegworth: Nibbles The Labradoodle

By Skye from Year 4

How long have you been a pet of Kegworth?

I have been a pet of Kegworth for 3 years and 333 days.

How did you get named?

My owners thought up some names (Nibbles, Cutie and Cuddles included) and K-Green of 2015 had a vote. The name Nibbles won!

Are you famous anywhere other than Kegworth?

Yes, I’m famous at the dog park for being ball obsessed and for being a fluff ball. I will also be in a photoshoot soon.

What do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy playing with balls and frisbees, playing with other dogs like Barney and Teddy and being the silly dog I am!

Who have you met at school?

I meet new people every time I go to school but the ones I know well are Sarah D from 4W, Grace from 4R, Ottilie from 4W and Inara and Mackenzie Year 6.

And finally, who are your owners?

Isla Guerreiro from 4R and Skye Guerreiro from 4W.

Thank you Nibbles!

You’re welcome! Now, will you please throw my ball?

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