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Sports Carnivals At Kegworth

By Yam and Marlowe from the Press Gang

Annual Sports Carnivals at Kegworth give all the students a chance to exhibit their speed and fitness and compete in numerous races. 


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In the first term of the school year, Years Two and above get to go to the swimming pool and compete in multiple races against their age groups for a spot in the Zone Carnival and to earn a ribbon. Different types of races are 

available for certain age groups, such as the medley, in which only stage two and three can enter. There are also novelty events for the students that wish not to swim. In this you can have mini races and friendly competitions.


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The Cross Country run is a very competitive endurance test in which Years Two and above can run in for a spot in the Zone Cross Country Carnival. First, second and third ribbons can also be won, but the top six runners of their age group get to go through to Zone to compete against the top runners from the other schools in the area. Lengths vary depending on age, too. Seniors must run three kilometres, while juniors only have to run two.


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Favoured by many students, the Athletics Carnival consists of many races, novelty events and field events. There are One Hundred, Two Hundred and Eight Hundred metre races, but Kindergarten and Year One can only participate in the One Hundred Metre Race, so while all the older students do mid to long-distance races the younger kids get to play around and do novelty events.

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You can also only get into Zone if you are in Years Two and up and pass the qualifying time. Field events include Shot-Put, Discus and Long Jump, but to be able to participate in these at the carnival, you must first qualify at school. Ribbons and Zone spots can also be won in the field events. 

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