Meet Frankie, The Youngest Actor In The Performing Arts Concert!

By Kara from the Press Gang

Kegworth is counting down to the 2019 Performing Arts Concert and the whole school is getting ready for the big day.

Franke Hudson, from Year 3 is more excited than most. Not only is she the only Year 3 in the Core Cast she is also the youngest.


In this Kegworth Times exclusive, Press Gang’s Kara sits down with Frankie to find out more.

Kara: How does it feel being the youngest in the core cast?

“Actually it’s really good because, well I have a high pitched voice so it’s easier to do the songs and most of the songs that I’m singing are high pitched so I’m not actually cracking my voice too much like some of the other kids.”

Kara: Do you feel nervous about being the youngest and having a solo?

“Just a little bit, but, it’s actually more fun than you think because everyone has stage fright but when I passed the audition it made me a bit more confident.”

Actual footage of this years show*
*not really

Kara: Do you like who you are singing with?

“Yes, because it’s part of teamwork and they are really nice and they have beautiful voices.”

Kara: Do you like all the songs that you’re singing?

“Yes, but some of them are not the best!” 

Break a leg Frankie!

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