Kegworth Takes Gold in Tournament Of Minds

Reporting by Lucy Templeman & Finley Casey (Press Gang)

Tournament Of Minds (TOM) is a competition that is competed by children from primary and secondary schools. The challenge is to create a play in a 3×3 square based on the subject that you chose.

Kegworth chose the Language and Literature category because it most reflected our strengths. 

Students have been preparing for the last six weeks and have given up a lot of their free time. “We went to practice every lunch, after school on Tuesdays and sometimes on Saturday too,” said TOM participants Holly and Max.

“The competition is about kids thinking creatively and the subject we had been working on was language literature,” Ms K Williams told the Kegworth Times.

The play was all about a robot who needed to chose which language to speak. The team had to write the script and create costumes with no help at all from teachers and parents. 

Kegworth went up against three teams in our subject and in our division. “It’s actually kind of a surprise that we won,” said Finley.

We were going up against fancy private schools that had been training since term 1 and we had only started training in term 3.” 

He continued: “it was a lot of hard work and I’m proud of the team for winning. Let’s see how we go at state!” 

Congratulations from everyone at the Kegworth Times!

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