Why All Plastic Should Be Banned

By Inara and Regina (From The Press Gang)

One morning you wake up to no sound of animals. No birds chirping, no bees humming out your window and no fish splashing quietly in your outdoor pond. Just silence. All you can hear is a faint rustling of plastic breezing across your lawn.

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Many things in our world today are made out of a cheap material called plastic. Plastic is made out of coal, crude oil and natural gases. Also plastic contains toxic materials such as benzene and vinyl hydrochloride which can cause serious health problems like cancer.

The way you make it is by heating these materials together until they are soft. Then they are molded into the shape that you want and afterwards left to cool down and set.

 Manufacturing these things can cause pollution, badly affecting the air and soil. This is called plastic pollution and if any animals get too close to this production they could end up choking on the air and dying and there would be no way of saving them.

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In our lives today almost everything we see is made out of the disgusting material, plastic. Everything from lunchboxes to even the wrappers on many lollies are made out of plastic, Although before anyone created plastic when you went to the supermarket you would hold all your groceries by hand or place them in a brown paper bags but now they are made out of plastic.

Everything is made of plastic but why? Plastic is a cheaper and easier to manufacture than glass, paper, metal and wood. But why don’t we go back to paper bags, to keep our environment healthy you ask? Well the people and government have become so attached to this destructive resource that it”s destroying our environment.

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In our world right now something on our planet dies every minute from plastic. It could die from plastic pollution in the air choking it or from eating it by mistake. Do you really want this to happen to poor cute animals, our own home planet or even us? Well it’s happening. So we need to put a stop to it. Which is why we think that all plastics should be banned.

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