What Is Kegworth’s Favoutite Book?

By The Press Gang

In the run up to Book Week, we decided to ask the kids and teachers at Kegworth what their favourite book is. Here are their answers.

Mrs Perih, Kegworth Principal. Book: A Proper Little Lady. Why? “It’s entertaining and funny. I read it to my kids when they were young.”

Ilan, student. Book: Harry Potter. Why? “It has wizards and witches in it!” – say no more Ilan, we feel you.

Joel, student. Book: Dog Man. Why? “There is a person who gets blown up and gets a dog attached to his head!”

Jackson, student. Book: Thomas the Tank Engine. Why? “I love Thomas as blue is my favoutite colour.”

Genevieve, student. Book: Elena of Avalor. Why? “It’s magical”

Ms Hardy, teacher. Book: The Paper Bag Princess. Why? “The character has the same name as me,”

Kim from the Canteen . Book: Malala.

Indie, student. Book?  Little Red Riding Hood. Why? “Because red is my favoutite colour.”

Max, student. Book:Horrid Henry. Why? “Because there is soccer in it and soccer is my favoutite sport.”

Lincoln, student. Book:Mr Strong. Why? “I want to be him when I grow up!”

Miles, student. Book: Flash. Why? “Because he is fast!”

Ioana, student. Book: Weirdo. Why? “It is very easy to understand and read. It was also very funny!”

Lewis, student. Book:Demon Dentist. Why? “It is very funny!”

Sunni, student. Book: Sherlock Holmes. Why? “I like solving problems and I also like reading about famous detectives.”

Lavinia, student. Book: The Land of Stories. Why? “I like fairy tales and adventure stories.”

Miss Hill, teacher. Book:World’s Worst Children. Why? “I like how each chapter has a different character. The book is hilarious.”

Bonnie, student. Book: Little Women. Why? “Because it is an old story and the characters are really fascinating.”

Sophia, student. Book: The Boy In the Dress. Why? “Because it’s explaining that you don’t have to be a girl to wear a dress – boys can wear dresses too.”

Rose, student. Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Why? “I can relate to the caterpillar because he is always hungry and so am I!”

Mace, student. Book: Weirdo. Why? “It’s funny! The chapters are short and the drawings are very detailed.”

So what about the Press Gang? what are our favoutite books? We talked about it today and several off us book worms decided that the question was just too hard. We love so many books!

“I think all books are amazing,” said Juliet. “If I had enough time I could tell you my top 100!”

Here are a just a few of the books we love.


Just Stupid

Mao’s Last Dancer



His name is Walter

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