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Woof Woof! Its International Dog Day!

It’s international dog day and we have the PAW-fect way to celebrate – a gallery of Kegworth pooches. With these fury friends by our sides.. anything is PAW-sible!

Crumpet Perih catching up on his paperwork…


One-year-old Pepsi gets a dancing lesson from his humans…


These fluff balls are ready to play 


Rubicks Rose is so FUR-ocious! 




Oh hi there! 


Nibbles wants to play too 


Ziggy has been listening to Bark Side of the Moon. 

Barney and Teddy have been flat out! 


This dog is so cute it could be on the cover of Vanity Fur! 


Oliver says “Don’t steal my ball!” 

Turbo by name, turbo by nature! 

Rebel without a claws 

Rocky hasn’t got time for this nonsense 

Don’t let this dude miss out on the fun… 



Thanks for joining in! If you want some more dog fun check out these dog jokes

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