Need Some Book Week Inspo? We’ve Got You Covered

By Yam, Regina, Mackenzie and Alex (from Press Gang)

Kegworth’s Book Week is only a week away and we’re all getting very excited about the character parade. But don’t stress if you haven’t got a costume sorted yet – there is still plenty of time!

Here are our tips for nailing your costume!

  1. Don’t worry about the theme 

Each year there is a different theme for book week. This year it’s ‘reading is my secret power’. But the character parade is about the books that we all love, so it really doesn’t mater if your costume doesn’t fit in with the theme.

2. Be original 

The best thing about the parade is seeing the huge range of characters we’ve dressed up as. It doesn’t mater if your costume isn’t perfect, the best costumes are the ones that are most original.

Kegworth Kids Do Book Week

3. Check your wardrobe (and your parents wardrobes!) 

You don’t need to buy anything new. With a bit of imagination you’ll find what you need. A white shirt can be a lab coat, a shirt dress can be a trench coat.

If you’re not so keen on dressing up, think about characters that wear everyday clothes and use a prop to bring the character to life.

4. Find a book you love 

If you’re not sure who to dress up as, have a good look through your books (or the books in your classroom) for inspiration. Once you have a book in your all the characters will come rushing back to you.

5. Outsource! 

If you don’t have time to create your own costume ask your cousins or friends from other schools if you can borrow a costume.

Have a good book week!

Are you excited about Book Week? If not, click here to read about why Skye from Year 4 loves it. 

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