U9 Kickers of Balmain V Hurlstone Park

By Stephanie Dale Chrisofides (Parent and Kickers Manager)

It was game number 19. The last game of the season for the mighty U9 Kickers of Balmain District Football Club.

The Kegworthian component of the team are Anthony, Ely, Zac, Zeke and Alex, all from Ms Hill’s 3H.

We were playing against Hurlstone Park National Sports team, whom we had previously lost 4-6 earlier in the season.

Photo: Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash

The game started off with an early goal by National Sports followed quickly by another. The Kickers boys were starting to feel rather defeated and showing it in their game.

Then there was a contentious hand ball call by the referee that both sides thought was wrong, but the referee stuck to her guns despite player, parent and coach protest.

Fate seemed to intervene when the opposition did not score from the ensuing free kick. Anthony’s head keeping the ball out of the goal. Still feeling rather deflated the Kickers conceded another two goals. Down 4-0 at half time things did look good. The coach gave a pep talk and the boys refreshed on oranges.

Photo: stiven bravo on Unsplash

The second half showed a change of momentum with the Kickers gaining an early goal, followed in quick succession by three more!

It was a tense last few minutes of the game with both sides having chances to win the game, but in the end the game finished in a draw. It was truly a game of two halves!

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