Kegworth Kids On The Ball – Soccer Season Wrap Up

Soccer Is Life!

Kegworth Kids have had a blast this soccer season. We’ve seen kids from Kindy to Year 6 playing the beautiful game all over the Inner West. This weekend saw the season wrapping up with gala days and grand finals.

Here are some of the season highlights!

Alexander from Kindy 

“I scored my first two goals and saved many! I’m happy.”

Scarlet and Cerys from Year 3

Scarlet: “I learned that if you touch the ball with your hand it’s called a handball and the other team gets a free kick. I enjoyed playing and made some friends.”

Cerys: “It was a really fantastic season – I had a lot of friends. I was sad that the season ended but we finished with a really exciting match.”

Anthony from Year 3 

“The highlight of this season was the parents v kids game at our last training session which the kids won 10-8!”

Grace from Year 4 and Dustin from P&C

Grace: “It was a great season, I really enjoyed it. I scored two goals.”

Dustin: “It was my first season coaching soccer so it was a steep learning curve! Can’t wait to do it all again next year. Looking forward to getting Sunday mornings back!”

Ali from Year 2 

“The highlight of the season has been making new friends.”

Ayesha from Year 4 

“I got to do goal keeper training with Amanda Horafios from Sydney FC!”

Ethan from Year 6 

“I like soccer because I get to play with my friends.”

Hugo from Kindy

“I like when you keep running and you score more goals, it helps you get better at soccer”


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