SRC Jeans For Genes Day Raises $444!

By Cerys Blagg (Year 3)

Last Wednesday, Kegworth kids wore their jeans to school with their school uniform tops. Everyone looked awesome in denim and although we still had to do our normal lessons, somehow it brightened up the day.

But there is a serious side to Jeans for Genes day. One in 20 Aussie kids face a birth defect or genetic disease. Instead of going to school every day, some kids have to go to hospital instead.

Photo: Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Sadly, genetic disease is the leading causes of death in kids under four and the main cause of ongoing hospitalisation.

It’s possible that one day scientists will be able to cure all of these diseases. But to do that, we need more research, and research costs money. When Kegworth’s SRC heard about this, we decided that it would be a good idea to take part in Genes for Jeans Day.

Photo: Mia Moessinger on Unsplash

Owen Birchenough, a Year 4 SRC, was passionate about the cause. “We want to save as many lives as possible by raising money for research,” he said.

But although he loved the cause, he didn’t love wearing jeans. “Strangely enough I didn’t enjoy wearing jeans that day because it was too hot. I usually love my Levis though,” he told the Kegworth TImes.

Photo: Ian deng on Unsplash

Harry Brown, a Year 3 SRC did enjoy wearing his jeans. “It’s a great cause!” he said.

On the day, SRCs went round to every class and collected gold coin donations. Altogether we raised a fantastic $444!

“The SRC did a magnificent job researching the charity and getting the information out to classes in an enthusiastic and very professional manner,” said Miss Hill, a year 3 teacher and SRC coordinator.

Thank you Kegworth!


If you want to make a donation to Jeans for Genes day click here





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