Humans of Kegworth

Humans Of Kegworth: Jennifer Vincent, President Of The P&C


How long have you been a human of Kegworth? 

This is our family’s 11th year at Kegworth – my daughter Claire started Kindergarten at Kegworth in 2009. Now she is a delightful teenager with L plates and a part-time job, and she is coming back to do work experience at Kegworth next month.

What do you remember most about your kid’s first day at Kegworth? 

It was a typical February day and stinking hot. But Ms Weeks gave the whole class ice blocks and got them to lie down under the fan in the afternoon after lunch so that made a difficult day much easier.

Ms Weeks had the right idea! Image: Facebook 

What is your favoutite Kegworth event? 

The P&C meetings on the third Wednesday of every month during term time at 7pm in the staff room, of course. See you there tomorrow, I hope!  That and the performing arts concert. Love a bit of Mr Toovey magic.

What are your favourite things to do outside school? 

I like to run round the Bay Run, read books and catch up for coffee with friends when I get a chance.

What are some of the things that you get out of volunteering?  

I have met so many lovely people in the Kegworth community through volunteering, and I really like seeing Kegworth kids enjoying an event we have organised or experiencing something like the music program (or classroom air conditioning!) that only exists because of a lot of volunteer hard work and fund-raising.


Have you met our first Human of Kegworth, Anders from Team Kids


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