Five reasons to get excited about book week

Skye Guerreiro (Year 4)

1. Books! If you love reading or not book week has many award winning books of all types from picture books to chapter books and even some teenage reads. Plus you need to at least read one book to get costume ideas. Books are great!

2. Costumes! Making costumes, wearing costumes, seeing costumes it’s all amazing. Costumes are literally the best part of book week and if they are funny, silly or just terrible (they are never terrible) all costumes are worth seeing. Just one thing though – make sure your costume is from a book.

You can have so much fun with book week costumes!

3. The show! The book week shows are always epic. They can be about wizards or fairy tales but they are always based on books and themes. The best performances are when you get to participate but even if you don’t they are still awesome… So awesome that the teachers kept up a sign from the 2016 show. Three years overdue!

4. Minecraft kids! I don’t know about you, but, personally I find the kids who dress up from Minecraft funny because no one knows who they are and they can’t see anything either. No offence kids who dress up from Minecraft!

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5. Activities! On the day we all dress up in mufti so we usually get to do at least one special activity in class. Even though the activities are still schoolwork they are a lot more fun.

The Kegworth Book Parade will take place on Tuesday 3rd September. 

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