Leichhardt Saints Under 9 Girls Dominate Against Balmain


As the season draws to a close the under 9 Girls are getting stronger and stronger. They’ve had a good season building up their skills and coming together as a team.

Sunday’s game was an action packed 40 minutes with the Saints all over the ball like a pack of hungry seagulls going after a chip.

The first goal of the match came in the last five minutes. A dramatic kick from team champion, Pip, who goes to Annandale North, saw the ball firmly in the back of the net. “Caitlin did a nice pass to set the goal up – it was great teamwork.” she told the Kegworth Times.

Parents on the side line thought that it was all over – but Balmain made a powerful comeback to equalise in the final moments of the game.

Photo: Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash

“It was a tough game,” said coach Ken.

“A huge effort from the girls with some great attacking balanced by some heroics in goals and a foal line clearance to boot. Sensational way to kick off a chilly Sydney Sunday.

“The team have had a great season and it’s been amazing to see them come together so well especially since this is the first season for most.”

Assistant coach Xander added that he was very proud of the team. “You know there is so much potential in this team. They could go all the way”

Kegworth kids Cerys and Scarlet both played really well.

With two more games left to play there is a good chance that the Under 9 Girls will be finishing on a high!



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