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How to nip cold symptoms early


Spring is round the corner, but with a cold spell hitting Sydney this week it doesn’t exactly feel like winter is over. And with the changeable weather there are still plenty of winter bugs around.

So what can we do to ward off the last of the winter bugs and nip cold symptoms early?

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Doctors say that the main thing is to make sure that your body is as well rested as possible. This means that if you feel the onset of a cold you should avoid any strenuous exercise. It might be frustrating to skip your workout but it is best to rest or do something low key like going for a walk. You’ll end up skipping way more workouts if you succumb to a full-blown cold.

Wash hands

As soon as one person in your family gets a cold it will spread like wildfire until everyone has had it (and then, if you’re really unlucky it will come round again!).

When this happens your most important line of defence is meticulous hand washing. You don’t need hand sanitizer – studies have shown that soap and hot water is just as effective.

Minimise germ spreading

You can also minimise the spread of germs by encouraging your family members to cough into their elbows or a tissue.

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Boost immunity

Another avenue for nipping cold symptoms in the bud is to boost your immune system. Nutritionists say that the best way to do this is to bolster your gut health. Over 80 per cent of the immune system lies within the gut and by using probiotics you can actually optimise immunity. Try some natural yoghurt, sauerkraut or kombutcha.

On top of this it’s a good idea to modify your diet. Avoid sugar as it has an immune suppressing response. For vitamin C you can eat kiwi fruit, blueberries, and of course, oranges!

Get some fresh air

Most importantly I recommend getting outside every day, even when it’s a bit chilly. Staying inside will increase your exposure to viruses. So rug up, stay warm and get some fresh air!

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