5 days ago

    Mini K News: Episode 7

    Featuring Sophie and Isla from the Press Gang. Filming by Ruby and Grace.
    1 week ago

    Kegworth Sisters Take Out Film Award!

    Kegworth sisters Penny (year 4) and Olivia (year 2) have won ATOM’s 1-Minute Film competition…
    1 week ago

    Winners! Kegworth Times Wins Best School Newspaper!

    The Kegworth Times has won the Upper-Primary School category at the Australian Teachers of Media…
    Countdown to Christmas
    2 weeks ago

    Last Push For Kegworth Fundraising!

    Deck the Halls of Kegworth is the P&C’s biggest fundraiser for the year having been…
    2 weeks ago

    Five Things You Can Do Too Keep You Cool On A Hot Day

    It’s still spring but it’s starting to feel like summer! Last Monday it was 37…
    2 weeks ago

    You Can Make A Difference

    Have you ever thought about donating to a charity? Well, anyone can. The thing you…
    4 weeks ago

    INTERVIEW: Steph Tisdell talks NAIDOC week, comedy and creating change

    We are celebrating NAIDOC this week and I interviewed Steph Tisdell, a proud indigenous woman…
    Mini K News
    October 29, 2020

    Mini K News: Episode 5

    Mini K News hosts talk space news and Halloween!
    Humans of Kegworth
    October 20, 2020

    Humans of Kegworth: Matt from Hardball!

    How long have you been a Human of Kegworth? I’ve been a HOK (Human of Kegworth) for…

    Humans of Kegworth


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